Clan Rules (Please Read)EditEdit

Clan rules are for everyone REGARDLESS of rank. Please understand that to have a legitimate clan, guidelines must be set and followed. Lead by example!

  1. Respect The ClanEspecially higher ranks. They earned their spots. The Clan Chat is kid friendly to accomadate all members. Anything said in the clan chat is said at your own risk and subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Clan Leaders.
  2. Clan Members Are Expected (Not Forced) To Help At CitadelAssisting the clan by skilling at the citadel is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.
  3. No SpammingSpamming clogs the Clan Chat and may prevent someone's request for help to not be seen. This act could result in a demotion/loss of rank.
  4. No ScammingThere is an ABSOLUTE ZERO TOLERANCE for scamming/luring of any kind, inside and out of clan. Violators of this rule will be permanently banned, no exceptions.
  5. No HarassingHarassment can degrade others to the point they quit the clan or worse. Violators will be punished and will result in a ban from the Clan.
  6. No BeggingContinuously Asking For Handouts/Items and/or money from clan members will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the Clan Admins.
  7. Ranks Are EarnedRanks reflect a person's loyalty to the clan. Because of this, people who help through working at the citadel, joining events, or simply having a good attitude and demeanor in the Clan Chat will rise through the ranks compared to those who don't. This also means that those who beg or continually ask for ranks will do themselves no favors in acquiring those positions. Please visit the Clan Ranks page, listed on the main welcome page or ranks page, for a brief, yet comprehensive explanation of each rank.
  8. DO NOTInvite or Involve the Clan to fight your arguments for you.

Last but not least...Have a wonderful day! ^_^