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I am going to list ranks from recruit to dep owner and also list what you need to do to achive them


Recruit's are typically new, probationary members. Every member has started out with this rank and are unable to enter the citadel until they are off their probation, which is during the individual's first 7 days. This rank is your chance to get noticed, those who get noticed early tend to stay noticed!

  • As new recruits, violations against the Scaper's rules will tend to be more severe as there is less that can be done to you. This shouldn't be a problem when considering that getting promoted to corporal is relatively simpe (see the Corporal section) and the only way to violate a rule is to intentionally want to be a problem.
  • Don't make waves, socialize, and you'll be out of this rank probably before you're probationary period is up! It's not uncommon for that to happen.


A Corporal is a clan member who has:

  • Become familiar with the clan.

These members have been embraced as assets in one or multiple ways. As such, leniency against rule breaking will typically not be granted, which is even more true as one will notice as he continue to ascend the Scaper's ranks.


A Sergeant is a clan member who has:

  • Has earned a fealty level of one.

Sergeants are members who not only are familiar with the clan, but show their loyalty to it as well. The way they do this is by having a fealty level. Fealty levels are earned by working at the citadel enough to earn a clan ring. A fealty level of one means that they have earned a clan ring at least once.


As a higher rank, lieutenants need to:

  • Prove loyalty to our clan by having a fealty level of two.

The rank of Lieutenant is the beginning of the higher tiered ranks. For this reason, not only are being active and helping out others in the clan a natural requirement from this point on, but the resources being gathered at the citadel should reflect the clan's needs, not just the individual's.


To be ranked as a captain you must:

  • Have achieved a fealty level of three.

The rank of Captain is a highly regarded rank. Captains are members of the clan who consistently work in the citadel. As such, they prove their dedication to the clan each and every week in providing the citadel with what it needs to further advance and improve it.


To be ranked as a General, you must:

  • Be a Captain who has gone above and beyond the requirements of that rank.
  • Participate and help instigate clan events.
  • Have consistently maintained a fealty level of three.

The rank of General is the line between the members and the officials of the clan and are treated as such. Generals are members of the clan who take the minimum requirements of the Captain and taken them to a level fitting the prestigious rank of General.

Clan LeaderEdit

Are those who:

  • Have consistently and thoroughly helped this clan and devoted their efforts to the improvement of this clan.
  • Have helped out by answering questions from clan members.
  • A natural ability to regulate the Clan Chat.
  • Have the discretion to know when and how to use this their rank to enforce the Clan's rules.

The distinguisehed officers of the clan. To achieve this rank, not only do you have to have extremely distinguished yourself as a member who is entirely devoted to this clan, loves to help others, skill every week for the clan, but there must also be a necessity to incoporate more officers into the hierarchy. A clan administrator candidate is carefully deliberated by each of the existing clan administrators and deputy owners. Upon discussing the requirements as well as the candidate's merit, only a unanimous selection will lead to the outcome of indoctrination. If the discussion is not unanimous, only the owner may overule the vote. These ranks are the most difficult to earn and those that hold them should be recognized and respected for their dedication to the clan.